Specialized Agencies





Organ Overview

The Specialized Agencies and Crisis Committee organ is the most unique, fast-paced, exhilerating organ of HenMUN. With multimedia incorporation, full theatrics, and midnight crises in select committees, this organ promises to be a thrill for all participating delegates. These are small and intimate committees where the level of debate promises to be at its highest. HenMUN reccomends that because of their fast-paced, improvizational nature, more experienced debaters participate in our Specialized Agency committees. However, the Specialized Agency organ welcomes all delegates who are up for a challenge.


The Security Council is the most advanced committee at HenMUN. In the best interest of your delegates and all other delegates it is strongly encouraged that only your most experienced and advanced delegates be assigned to the Security Council. Please note that the Security Council is a double delegation meaning each delegation will be required to assign two delegates to the Security Council.


Drafting a New Constitution

United Nations Security Council*

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC): CPC

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC): KMT

Press Corps

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

*indicates double delegation