Hailing from Floral Park, New York, Nick is a senior Public Policy and Economics double-major. He is also working to obtain a Masters of Public Administration. Having participated in Model UN as a delegate since the eighth grade, Nick has been involved with HenMUN since he was a freshman at the University of Delaware. He served as the Chair of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in HenMUN IV, the Under-Secretary General of the General Assembly in HenMUN V, and the Director General of HenMUN VI. In his free time, Nick can be found reading, listening to music, as well as running, golfing, and wishing for a slice of New York pizza. An avid skier, he tries to hit the slopes whenever he can. He also roots for his favorite team: New York City Football Club. He is excited to use his years of previous Model UN experience to create a fun, unique, and informative HenMUN experience. With hard work and good debate, he believes that HenMUN VII can be the best yet!
Nicholas Konzelman
Brandon is a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in Criminal Justice with minors in Legal Studies, and Organizational Leadership. He grew up in Fairfax, Virginia, where he participated in his middle school’s and high school’s MUN clubs. Brandon is a member of Army ROTC on campus, and hopes to become a JAG officer in the US Army. Other than ROTC and classes, he enjoys playing on UD's Club Ultimate Frisbee team, competing on intramural sports teams and being involved in Reviresco, a non-profit that aims to bridge the civilian-military divide. At HenMUN V, Brandon has the pleasure to serve as the chair for the 1960’s CIA committee, and during last year's conference he served as Under Secretary General of Specialized Agencies  but he can’t wait to serve as Director General and make HenMUN VII the best HenMUN yet! 
Brandon Hunter
Rosie is currently a senior at the University of Delaware, double majoring in European Studies and International Relations with a concentration in world diplomacy. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and became involved with HenMUN her sophomore year as a Business and Hospitality staffer. Last year, she was Assistant Director for the UNSC, and loved it so much that she wanted to become more involved in making HenMUN VII the best one yet. Rosie spent a semester studying at Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany, and since returning has spent far too much time talking about being abroad. Rosie is dedicated to the art of grilled cheese making, and enjoys befriending every cat she meets. She is thrilled to be this year's Director of Administration, and cant wait for the conference!
Rosemarie Maholage
Director of Administration
Emily is so excited to be a part of the Secretariat this year! She is a rising Senior here at UD studying International Relations with minors in Spanish and Latin American & Iberian Studies. During her freshman year she studied abroad in Rome, Italy and just returned from interning in Santiago, Chile this winter. Apart from HenMUN, she is involved on campus with the Blue Hen Leadership Program, the OSC Appellate Board, and Delaware Diplomats. She is excited to serve as Director of Business and Hospitality for HenMUN VII this year.
Emily Doris
Director of Business and Hospitality
Dave is a rising Senior Elementary Education major here at UD and is so sad that this is his final HenMUN conference. He has a concentration in middle school social studies and a minor in history. Dave has previously been a Crisis Staffer and Crisis Director in the JCCs, and was Chief of Staff for HenMUN VI. Apart from HenMUN, Dave participated in UDaB this Spring working with Food Accesibility in the Greater Boston area. He also is an avid intramural athlete, enjoys hanging out with friends, and playing video games. He can usually be found with an iced coffee in hand and frequently camps out in the coffeeshops across campus. Dave is thrilled to be the Director of Operations for this year's conference, and hopes he can make HenMUN VII the best conference he has been a part of.
Dave Strong
Director of Operations
Justin is a senior majoring in International Relations. South Korean by birth, he went to high school in South Korea and there participated in many MUN conferences. As a delegate, Justin has many awards to his name and was selected as a member of the South Korea delegation to Global Classroom MUN sessions in the UN headquarters building in New York City. He has chaired for many MUN conferences in South Korea including Korea MUN run by students at Korea University. Upon graduating high school, Justin went on to work for UNESCO Korea to organize a MUN conference focused on issues relating to UNESCO. Having recently transferred to the University of Delaware from Claremont McKenna College, Justin's first involvement was at HenMUN VI and he has returned to HenMUN VII as the Chief of Committee Procedures and Training. He hopes that everyone at HenMUN VII will learn something new. He remembers that as a delegate, he was intimidated by the Chairs, but would like to remind all participants that the Chairs are your friends. Use them to learn more about the increasingly important international arena. 
Justin Hahn
Chief of Committee Procedures and Training
Jessica is a junior International Relations major with minors in Economics, Writing, and Asian Studies. She grew up in West Grove, Pennsylvania and has been participating in Model UN since her freshman year of high school. As a UD World Scholar, she had the opportunity to spend her first semester studying in Spain and she plans to travel again this summer to Taiwan for the Taiwan America Student Conference. In HenMUN V she worked as a crisis staffer for the United Nations Security Council and in HenMUN VI she was the chair of United Nations Economic and Social Council for Asia and the Pacific. In addition to HenMUN, Jessica's also involved with UD's International Relations club and plays cello with the 8-Bit Orchestra.  Some of her favorite memories from high school come from attending HenMUN as a delegate, and she hopes to give the same experience to another generation of students!
Jessica Scovell
Chief of Staff
Georgi is a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in International Relations and minoring in Japanese and Legal Studies. She is from a suburb of Philadelphia called Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Having participated in UD's own competitive Model UN team, she also had the privilege of serving as a crisis staffer for the 1960s CIA Committee at HenMUN V and the chair for the Commission on Science and Technology for Development in ECOSOC at HenMUN VI. She is involved in the HenLaw Pre-Law Society on campus and hopes to pursue a law degree after she completes her undergraduate degree. In her free time, Georgi can be found at philanthropy and social events with her sorority Pi Beta Phi, showing around exchange students from the English Language Institute, or venturing out at all times and in any weather conditions to get a burrito from El Diablo. After studying in Tokyo this past summer before HenMUN VII, she is back and excited to serve as the USG for Specialized Agencies.
Georgianna Eck
Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Agencies
Olivia is a Senior International Relations and Spanish double major with a double minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies and Women’s Studies. Olivia has been participating in Model UN in her home town of Lancaster, PA and up and down the east coast since her freshman year of high school. Olivia has been involved in HenMUN since HenMUN IV serving as AD for JCC Kosovo. Since then, she has served as USG of ECOSOCs for HenMUN V, USG of GAs for HenMUN VI, and is back serving as USG of ECOSOCs for her final year HenMUN VII. Olivia is an avid traveler. She has studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and traveled to Chile, Uruguay, Panama, and Ecuador. Olivia also serves as Treasurer for the Young Professional sector of the Board of Directors for FIBUSPAM which is headquartered in both Ecuador and the US. Beyond her travels, Olivia spends her free time as Chief Operating Officer for her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta or working on her independent research project focused on female activism and non-traditional feminism in Latin America sponsored by Universidad de Belgrano – where she studied abroad in Argentina. HenMUN is still her favorite part of UD and is excited to be back working with all of the amazing delegates this year at HenMUN VII!
Olivia Davis
Under-Secretary-General of Economic and Social Councils and Regional Bodies
Victor is a sophomore at the University of Delaware, majoring in Physics with an Astronomy Concentration. He is an international student born and raised in Venezuela until he decided to study in the United States, starting at UD in fall 2017. He started his journey in Model UN during his freshman year of high school, when he joined the Venezuelan International Model of United Nations (VIMUN). It was a very important event for his school, since it held the first Model UN conference in Venezuela. During its 20 years of existence it has been one of the best conferences in the country. Victor tries to keep his time balanced between studying and spending free time with his friends, playing video games, swimming for UD's club team, and resting from all the school work. Arriving in the United States and studying at UD has been a very enriching and unique opportunity for him, and he has learned a lot from the people around him, as well as from himself. Victor hopes he will be able to transmit ideas, learnings, or opinions that would be useful to the delegates in the future and expand the delegates' understanding about those from outside the United States with a very different background. 
Victor Ramirez
Under-Secretary-General of General Assemblies