Preparation/Position Papers


As with any conference, it is important to do background research and have as vast a knowledge as possible on your committee, country policy, and topics.  Your Background Guide is the best starting point but any good delegate goes past what is given.  Below are a few links that may be useful as you begin your venture into your research:

The United Nations Website

BBC News

The New York Times

CIA World Factbook

A List of Non-Governmental Organizations

A Pre-Conference Delegate Guide will also be released under the Committees Tab which will have more helpful tips and hints for research, as well as specific rules of procedure that will be used at HenMUN.


Position Paper Guidelines

Position Papers are required for all of the committees at HenMUN.

Per topic, Position Papers should be one page and single-spaced in Times New Roman font.

All Position Papers should begin with the following heading:






A general format for Position Papers is as follows:

Begin with a paragraph outlining pertinent background information about the topic at hand.  Follow that with a paragraph outlining your country’s policies (actions it has taken in the past, stances on the issues, etc.).  Conclude your paper with a detailed plan (what solutions you plan on proposing at the conference).