Philanthropy at HenMUN

Philanthropy at HenMUN

Over the last seven years, HenMUN and its delegates have contributed more than $10,000 to various organizations. Philanthropy has truly developed to become one of the pillars of the HenMUN conference. We have partnered with several charities including: World Education, Destino Pais, Engineers without Borders, and Brewed Awakenings. HenMUN hopes to foster social awareness and activism through debate on world issues. The Secretariat hopes HenMUN VIII can top the all-time total donation of $4,262.55, and we are counting on our fantastic delegates to reach that goal!

Think Global, Act Local

HenMUN VII is proud to announce the theme of this year's conference: Think Global, Act Local! Individuals often feel strongly about global events, but do not know how to get involved in solving these issues. Think Global, Act Local demonstrates the possibility to get involved in ways that are smaller and more personal, but still have an impact worldwide. HenMUN VII is following our own advice, and is pleased to partner with our favorite local coffeeshop Brewed Awakenings, located right on Main Street in our backyard. 

Brewed Awakenings

Check out this great article about our community partner from HenMUN VII! Brewed Awakenings offers fair trade coffee, custom coffee drinks (hot and iced) and delicious breakfast and lunch options. They also run as a non-profit, with all of their excess funds going back into the community. A great embodiment of our conference theme Think Global, Act Local!

From a local news source:

"All the money made in the shop goes back into the business and into the community through partnerships with other merchants and non-profits. He also donates food at the end of the day to the Newark Empowerment Center, which provides resources and supplies to the city’s homeless."

This comes from an article found here

Here's an awesome video to check out if you want more info: