The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Chair: Tyrus Van Dyke

AD: Areeba Khan


Committee Topics:

Topic A: Production Setting

The complicated matter of setting production amount for oil for OPEC has powerful machinations on each side. To raise production in turn lowers price, which countries in poorer economic states are against in order to profit more off the few barrels they possess; In addition to nations such as Russia that sell to the EU - as Russia will then have to compete with the lowered OPEC prices. Conversely, high oil producing nations are in favor of higher production as the profits are in their favor. Powerful nations not a part of OPEC, even if energy independent, will consume oil at the lower prices that come of higher production. You as delegates must find a compromise between powerful motivations.


Topic B: Venezuela

The nation of Venezuela is in social and economic turmoil. As a founding member of OPEC, Venezuela's lack of contribution and stability has serious implications to the future of the organization. Venezuela’s past contributions to OPEC funded many of their social programs, and their economy heavily relies on exporting oil. OPEC’s strength is through cooperation, and as such this organization must find a solution to this hurdle in our progress.



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