Important Policies

Registration and Payments

  • Registration must be completed using the registration page at

  • Payments are due for the latest invoiced amount by the date indicated for the applicable registration period, unless written exception is provided by HenMUN Secretariat. If payment is not received by this date, the delegation will be invoiced at the next period's rates.

  • Financial aid must be applied for before the late registration payments are due.

  • Full refunds due to cancellation cannot be processed after the date indicated on the Fees and Deadlines page unless under circumstances determined by HenMUN Secretariat.
  • All financial policies and deadlines will be strictly enforced for HenMUN VIII!



  • HenMUN holds a Midnight Crisis for three Specialized Agencies committees each year.

  • Commuting delegations will not be given positions in Midnight Crisis committees unless agreed upon by the advisor.

  • Countries are only assigned to delegations after registration closes. Countries are assigned without regard to the number of times the delegation has attended HenMUN, achievements at other conferences and past HenMUN conferences, or time of registration. Instead, only a delegation's country and committee preferences and their commuter school status is considered. Schools will also be given a variety of countries ranging from the most influential to lesser influential. We believe this provides all delegates with an equal opportunity to succeed and get the most out of HenMUN.


Safety and Security

  • All delegates must have submitted both waiver forms before being allowed to participate in HenMUN.

  • Advisors must be present at the conference as long as any of their delegates are.

  • When given instructions by HenMUN staff with regards to safety, all delegates and advisors will comply.

  • Delegates will avoid buildings, both on campus and off campus, that are not associated with HenMUN.