Disarmament and International Security Committee

Chair: Graciela Rayome

AD: Emily Morgan


Committee Topics:

Topic A: Israel, Palestine, and the West Bank

The West Bank has been a disputed territory for many years. Both Israel and Palestine have laid claims to parts of the West Bank since 1967, although Israel has officially conceded that they cannot lay claim to the entirety of the area. In recent years, Israel has been establishing checkpoints in multiple areas in the West Bank, ostensibly to prevent terrorism, but others have accused Israel of doing this to control the Palestinian population and restrict their movements. Israel has also made their border with Palestine in the West Bank increasingly hazy, with areas and settlements under full Israeli control permeating the entire region. In HenMUN VIII, delegates will determine the Israel-Palestine border should be within the West Bank and how to move forward regarding Israel’s actions in the area.     


Topic B: Nuclear Proliferation

In recent years, countries which have not previously been considered as “Nuclear Weapon States” (developed nuclear weapons prior to 1968) have developed nuclear technology. First enacted in 1970 and reinforced in 1995, the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty was designed to protect the world from nuclear war. Countries that did not sign or dropped out of the NPT are a risk to this mission: every state that develops nuclear weaponry increases the risk of nuclear war. In HenMUN VIII, delegates will decide to support or oppose nuclear proliferation and enact plans to regulate the development of nuclear weaponry on the international stage.


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