Welcome to your Advisor Portal for HenMUN VI!

We are excited that you will be joining us for HenMUN VI in March! This online portal will be your resource to access all information regading the conference weekend.


Delegate Assignments


You should now be able to view your schools country assignment. If it is incorrect or you are unable to view it please contact us so that we can make any neccessary corrections.

To ensure that we can have all of your delegates name tags and placcards prepared in time for our first committee session please have the names of your delegates filled in on your country assignment by Monday, February 19. 

To provide us with your delegates names, please type their name in the proper corresponding blue box in your country assignment. Once every blue box is filled with the name of the delegate in that position, re-upload the country assignment to your advisor portal. 


Pre Conference Survey

The pre conference survey will be posted before the end of the week. Pre conference surveys will help us to be prepared for your arrival at UD on March 2.


Forms and Waivers

Waivers and release forms can be found under the Important Links section on the right side of the page. Please have each form filled out for each participant. All forms should be filled out by a parent or legal guardian. All completed forms for each school should be mailed to HenMUN in one envelope prior to the weekend of the conference. This will expedite the check in process and eliminate the risk of any students being ineligible to participate. Further instructions can be found on the Release and Medical Forms page.



We recommend making your lodging arrangements as soon as possible. Certain hotels may fill faster than others. Please see the Hotels page for campus hotels, room rates, etc.


Midnight Crisis Information

Each year a number of our Specialized Agency committees have a midnight crisis on Saturday night. The midnight crisis session begins at 12:15 am and takes place in the conference rooms of the Courtyard Marriott on North Campus. This year, Joint Cabinet Crisis: India, Joint Cabinet Crisis: Pakistan, The United Nations Security Council, and the Press Corps will be the committees participating in our midnight crisis. 

It is recommended that commuter schools do not place delegates in these committees as it may create logistical or legal complications for you, your students, and/or HenMUN


Please do not share with your delegates which committees will be having a midnight crisis unless absolutely necessary for logistical or legal reasons. If you must share this information with your delegates please ask that they do not share with any other confrence attendees.



Should you have any questions please contact the Secretary-General Gerard Weir at sec-gen@henmun.org.