United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition

Chair: Sally Tyre
Assistant Director: Allison Delaney

Committee Topics: 

Topic A:

One of the most concerning issue facing this body is the lack of international food supplement standards. This organization will take this issue into consideration as they discuss the process and standards for which the international community should have in an ideal food intake. This intake will range over a variety of cultures and climates therefore an international standard will be a challenging, yet worthwhile pursuit. This topic facing the international community poses quite a few questions. What should international standards be for food and nutrition? Will Countries have difficulty receiving of different resources and obtaining the materials they will need to reach those standards? How will those resources affect, economic, social and political life? Will these standards increase or decrease food production and trade? On a global scale, how will these standards be decided and how will effectiveness be measured? Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss these questions and more as well as find potential questions and challenges that will face this committee.

Topic B:

When discussing the process of helping the international community find guidelines and promote an ideal way of food production and intake, a lot of issues on the global scale will arise. One of these issues includes the impact that food production has on climate change. An increase or change in the way a country or region goes about food production will create an impact on their carbon footprint as well as the resources of that area. This pertains directly to our committee because climate change and food production go hand in hand. A large actor in climate change mitigation and prevention is food production. Therefore when the committee is discussing global nutrition it is crucial that climate change be included in this conversation. How will nutrition be prioritized while keeping carbon emissions and resource use low? How will developing countries develop the infrastructure to reach the climate change mitigation goals? What will be the UN’s direct role in this process of promoting the wellness of the international community while still protecting the environment?

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