Specialized Agencies


Dear Delegates,


I am so excited to have you in attendance at HenMUN VI! The incredible staff and secretariat members of this conference have been putting in countless hours in order to present to you the best Model UN experience that we can create.


My name is Brandon Hunter, and I will be serving as your Under-Secretary-General for Specialized Agencies. I am a sophomore Criminal Justice major with minors in Legal studies, and Organizational Leadership at the University of Delaware. I am a proud member of the Army ROTC Fightin Blue Hen Battalion here at UD . Last year at HENMUN V, I had the privilege to serve as the chair for the 1960’s CIA committee.

Specialized Agencies are their own breed in the world of HenMUN: they are fast-paced, require quick thinking and improvisation, and tackle some of the world’s most difficult ethical and geopolitical issues. You will be asked to conduct or to forestall war, foment or decry revolution, and to resolve moral dilemmas and humanitarian crises. After being a part of this conference, I sincerely hope that you leave with a greater awareness of the immense challenges faced by diplomats, politicians, military leaders, and heads of state alike, and feel yourself more able to face the geopolitical realities of today, as leaders of tomorrow.


Get excited because this year we have some incredible chairs, for incredible committees, that have incredible topics. I look forward to meeting all of you at HenMUN!

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about HenMUN VI in general or specifically about Specialized Agencies. I look forward to seeing you all in February!


Brandon Hunter  

Under Secretary-General for Specialized Agencies





Organ Overview

The Specialized Agencies and Crisis Committee organ is the most unique, fast-paced, exhilerating organ of HenMUN. With multimedia incorporation, full theatrics, and midnight crises in select committees, this organ promises to be a thrill for all participating delegates. These are small and intimate committees where the level of debate promises to be at its highest. HenMUN reccomends that because of their fast-paced, improvizational nature, more experienced debaters participate in our Specialized Agency committees. However, the Specialized Agency organ welcomes all delegates who are up for a challenge.


The Security Council is the most advanced committee at HenMUN. In the best interest of your delegates and all other delegates it is strongly encouraged that only your most experienced and advanced delegates be assigned to the Security Council. Please note that the Security Council is a double delegation meaning each delegation will be required to assign two delegates to the Security Council.


1815 Congress of Vienna

FIFA: Organizing Committee for FIFA Competitions

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC): India

Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC): Pakistan

Press Corps

United Nations Security Council*

*indicates double delegation