Inter-American Development Bank

Chair: William Barndt
Assistant Director: Erin Yizzi

Committee Topics:

Topic A: Sustainable Tourism

In the past, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been able to make a major impact in communities by providing funding and partnerships that help to encourage sustainable tourism. The trouble with tourism has always been the effect that it has on local communities in the long run as precious natural resources are used to meet the needs of a growing population of international tourists. A major goal of the Inter-American Development Bank is to continue the economic growth that is a result of tourism, while implementing strategies that will protect the biodiversity in these regions and help underserved populations such as women and minorities. The goal of this topic is to help set goals and guidelines for communities to ensure that they are acting in a responsible, sustainable way while still maximizing the economic benefits of tourism. One major way this is being done is by supporting public-private partnerships in these communities. The hope is that through these partnerships businesses will be able to act in a responsible way, while also creating jobs for the local community. This committee will be tasked with coming up with new ideas to encourage these public-private partnerships, to help underserved populations in these communities, and to protect the natural resources in tourist regions so that they will still be available for future generations.

Topic B: Infrastructure Financing Goals for the Next Decade

The Inter-American Development Bank has always tried to take the lead when it came to funding infrastructure projects for populations in need. Some areas the IDB has focused on in the past include water and sanitation, transport, energy, education, and access to health services. For many communities around the world the IDB is one of their best chances to secure funding and partnerships that can make these infrastructure projects possible. Unfortunately, the IDB does not have an unlimited budget so decisions must be made as to where funds can be focused. This topic will force the delegates to make tough decisions on what infrastructure projects are most crucial to people in the developing world. In addition, the committee will be focused on prioritizing regions of the world that need the most help. The IDB has a presence around the world in addition to their large involvement in Latin America. With the next decade around the corner, this committee will be tasked with developing a plan to help prioritize and select infrastructure projects that will appear in the future. The decisions made in this committee will shape the IDB for years to come.


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