The 5th Geneva Convention

Chair: Rachel Confair
Assistant Director: Areeba Khan
Crisis Director: Elana Montejo

Committee Topics:

Topic A: Adapting to Modern Warfare Technology:

Since the fourth Geneva convention in 1949, technology in all sectors has developed and transformed in amazing ways. These transformations, although life-saving in some cases, can be incredibly controversial when related to warfare. Modernized weapons, such as long-range missiles, nuclear weapons, new chemical agents, and cyber-warfare are all major technological advancements that cause as many benefits as they do consequences, and this Fifth Geneva Convention committee will attempt to come to agreements about when, why, and how states can use these means of destruction.


Topic B: Civilian Welfare During Warfare

The modernization of war has caused many crises for civilians throughout the past

seventy years- from the Cold War to proxy wars to regional atrocities. Today,

the war in Syria and unrest within the Middle East as a whole are the sources

of the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of the century. As members of

the United Nations, it is imperative that warfare laws are up to date and

effective when dealing with the consequences and impacts on civilian life in

times of war and crises.


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