General Assembly

Dear Delegates,


I am so very thrilled to once again welcome you to HenMUN. I am so very pleased to serve as your current Under-Secretary General for the General assembly this year for HenMUN VI. As a current junior at the University of Delaware, I have previously served as AD for JCC: Kosovo my freshman year and USG of ECOSOCs my sophomore year. After a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am absolutely thrilled to be returning as your USG for GA’s for this conference. First and foremost, this conference is about you, the delegate and we strive to make this an unforgettable social and learning experience during your high school career. 


A bit about me – as previously mentioned I am a current Junior at the University and just returned from an unforgettable semester abroad in Argentina. When not at UD, I am either somewhere wandering around South America or in my home town of Lancaster, PA.  At the University, beyond HenMUN, I am Chief Operating Officer of my Sorority, am a Student Alumni Ambassador, and I have the distinct pleasure of serving as treasurer of the young professional sector of the Board of Directors for the International NGO FIBUSPAM. 


I am very proud to hold two majors in International Relations (with concentrations in Latin America and development) and Spanish, and two minors in Latin American and Iberian Studies and Women’s Studies. Needless to say I absolutely love being a part of the UD community and the amazing opportunities it has given me to grow academically. In high school, I served as Co-Secretariat and head delegate of my MUN Organization for four years. My focus was in specialized committees but have always had a soft spot for the amazing learning potential there is to have in a GA! 


As USG I hope to make this experience for you an unforgettable. My Chairs and AD’s have spent countless hours working to make your committees a BLAST and cannot wait to meet you soon! Throughout the weekend you will watch as your interests grow and change as you make new friends and have your eyes opened to new viewpoints that you previously never would have been exposed to. 



Olivia Davis     

USG of General Assembly 



Organ Overview

The General Assembly is the cornerstone of the United Nations.  These committees offer representation to all member states of the United Nations and debate some of the most hotly contested issues of our time.  The General Assembly committees will be the largest committees that HenMUN offers. General Assembly committees also tend to be the most appropriate committees for Novice delegates, however, they welcome delegates of all ages and levels of experience.


Disarmament and International Security Committee

Historical General Assembly (HGA) League of Nations

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

Special Political and Decolonization Committee