General Assembly

Greetings Delegates, 

It is my pleasure to be your Under -Secretary General for the General Assemblies in HenMUN VII. As a current sophomore at the University of Delaware, I had the opportunity to previously be part of HenMUN during my freshman year as the chair for the League of Nations. Last year's experience was certainly a very enriching experience for me, especially after I left my home nation of Venezuela to study at UD. I hope that HenMUN VII will also be a very enriching and fulfilling experience for all of you; one that won’t only help to improve your diplomacy skills, but that will also improve you as a person. 

  A bit about me, as I mentioned previously, I am a Sophomore majoring in Physics with an Astronomy Concentration. I am an international student born and raised in Venezuela whose dream was to study in college in the United States since I was a kid. I started my journey in Model UN during my first year of high school, when I joined the Venezuelan International Model of United Nations (VIMUN). It was a very important event for my school, since it was the high school who held the first Model UN in Venezuela, and during the 20 years of experience it has been one the best conferences in the country. Being part of VIMUN completely changed me as a person and prepare in many ways to undertake the path that lead me to UD. 

I try to keep my time balanced between studying and enjoying my free time. I am part of the swimming club at UD, which takes a lot of time during my week, but I enjoy doing it. I usually spend my free time with my friends, like going ice skating, spending time outside or just hanging out. Arriving in the United States and studying at UD has been a unique opportunity for me, where I have learned a lot from the people around me, as well as from myself. I hope I will be able to transmit ideas, experiences, and opinions that would be useful to you in the future, or expand your understanding about those from outside the United States with a very different background 

As USG I hope to make this experience for you an unforgettable. Your Chairs and ADs have spent countless hours working to make your committees as excellent as possible. I encourage you to learn, meet new people and challenge yourself during the weekend, and once the conference ends I hope you feel proud of all your hard work invested in HenMUN VII. Enjoy the conference!


Victor Ramirez 

USG of General Assembly 



Organ Overview

The General Assembly is the cornerstone of the United Nations.  These committees offer representation to all member states of the United Nations and debate some of the most hotly contested issues of our time.  The General Assembly committees will be the largest committees that HenMUN offers. General Assembly committees also tend to be the most appropriate committees for Novice delegates, however, they welcome delegates of all ages and levels of experience.


Disarmament and International Security Committee

Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee

Special Political and Decolonization Committee

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs