Disarmament and International Security Committee

Chair: Liam Watson

Assistant Director: Michael Peyton

Ops Staff: Jess Shih


Committee Topics:

Topic A: Protection of the Integrity of Elections

         The right of self-determination is one of the most important pillars of any democratic system of government. Without a voice to choose their own leaders and representatives – and by extension, their future and that of their nation – people will become subject to the whims and desires of apolitical figures of power, autocrats, monarchs, and other such individuals who rule with absolute authority and see the necessities of the people and nation as secondary to their own. The United Nations is committed to ensuring that all people of all nations may decide their own fates and futures free from the influences and desires of foreign actors and agents.


Topic B: Policing of Improvised Explosive Devices

     Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are one of the most pressing acute issues in hotspots and conflict zones around the world today. These weapons and devices can be produced, distributed, and deployed clandestinely, and are indiscriminate in their violence. Soldiers, civilians, and humanitarian workers alike all can and have become victims of IED strikes and attacks. The ad-hoc and haphazard nature of IEDs means that they are inherently difficult to monitor and neutralize. No two devices are the same, or even similar in their design, intent, and usage. By curbing the proliferation of IEDs, nations can cut down on the death, harm, and instability caused by these weapons, and then seek to solve more fundamental issues that create an environment for the production of IEDs.

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